We bake in a wood-burning pizza oven

Stone-ground organic flour

The secret of our dough: the right rising time

We only use sourdough

Cardamomo is an artisan pizzeria with a wood-burning oven. It was inaugurated in Como in August 2006 and represents the evolution from the first workroom of take-away pizza opened, not far away from the present seat, by the two founders Mohamed Farouq – nicknamed “Momo” – and Alessandra Giannelli in 1999.

It is from the encounter and the union of two cultures (she is Italian, he is Moroccan), two different personalities and professional backgrounds that their exhilarating “travel” has started. Both of them have undertaken such travel by carrying their own personal experience and creativity, (but also an empty suitcase to be filled on the way) with the common passion and goal to share every stop and every new experience with the others, just like it is done with the dearest discoveries.

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