We bake in a wood-burning pizza oven

Stone-ground organic flour

The secret of our dough: the right rising time

We only use sourdough

Cardamomo is an artisan pizzeria with a wood-burning oven. It was inaugurated in Como in August 2006.

Since many years sensitive to the theme of natural and organic nutrition and aware of the continuous increase in allergic diseases and sensitization and food intolerance phenomena, Cardamomo uses only selected Italian raw materials from certified organic cultivation for its own dough to guarantee a better nutritional balance and greater environmental protection and pay particular attention to the leavening phase - slow and natural - and to the maturation phase - never less than 48 hours - This allows you to obtain lighter, tastier, crisp and absolutely digestible pizzas debunking once and for all the very common saying according to which the pleasure of having eaten a good pizza must inevitably follow the onset of annoying symptoms such as thirst and feeling of swelling.

The process of maturation of the dough finds many similarities with that of "maturation" of the meat.
It takes a few days in a cold storage room so that a cut of meat becomes tender and digestible. The same is true for pizza dough