« Fatte 'na pizza c'a pummarola 'n coppa vedrai che il mondo poi ti sorriderà. »

One of the most famous refrains of the great Italian singer Pino Daniele says that if you have a pizza with fresh tomato on top of it, the world will smile at you...and he is right! Pizza is a genuine and simple dish, but at the same time it is also refined, fragrant, tasty, fun and transversal for latitude, social class and age: in fact, in the past it was also loved by noble people, kings and queens.
Pizza was born in the city of Naples as a street food to be eaten quickly while walking or standing, but its modern connotation has gone a long way!
Pizza has spread in every region, city or town of Italy with new adaptations in tastes and style; there is no Italian home in which people have not tried to prepare it. Nowadays, it has become the symbol of Italy, so well-known and imitated all over the world that its name needs no translations. This new menu intends to be a journey throughout the Italian territory to discover the extraordinary treasure of its cuisine and the boundless union of know-how and taste, conventionality, authenticity and fantasy of an endless game of combinations which are a feather in the cap of the Italian cuisine and represent a unique cultural phenomenon.
Our journey will also touch the coasts of Morocco, where pizza (as we know it) is not very popular, but where the tradition of the so-called “focaccia” - a type of bread baked on warm stones which is for sure the ancestor of modern pizza - is very ancient.
We wish you a nice journey and... buòn appetìt, of course!



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